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“Gabriel Estarellas Pascual conducted with great care and rigor, achieving a magnificent sound in his interpretation”

“Gabriel Estarellas Pascual’s interpretation was extraordinary, with a perfect balance of sound. The audience was enthusiastic”

“The interpretation of the Estarellas Quartett was accurate and moving, creating one of the greatest highlights of the Paris Festival”

“The interpretation was very interesting due to the harmonious interaction between the members, the perfect intonation and the extraordinary sound quality of the Estarellas Quartett”

“Majorcan conductor Gabriel Estarellas Pascual is a passionate musician who demands a lot from his musicians, always achieving great successes”

“Conductor Gabriel Estarellas Pascual knows how to inspire, encourage and motivate his musicians”

“Shostakovich’s Quartet No. 7 was the confirmation of the technical perfection of the group, which grows before a work of difficult execution”

“The passion with which the orchestra plays is motivated by the temperament of conductor Gabriel Estarellas Pascual. He possesses a precise technique and of the highest level, being able to give his interpretations a clear variety of textures and sonorous nuances”

“The Estarellas Quartett’s interpretation provoked really striking moments, leaving the audience totally amazed. The sound quality of first violin Gabriel Estarellas Pascual, is extraordinary”

“Gabriel Estarellas Pascual exhibited sobriety, elegance and precision and the orchestra responded with identical performances. Elgar’s Serenade for Strings was an exercise in neatness. Symphony No. 3, by Mendelssohn, sounded powerful and subtle.”


“The strength and precision with which conductor Gabriel Estarellas Pascual led the young musicians was clearly perceived by an enthusiastic audience”